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■Robot application
Handring system
   automobile part, machined part, Electrical part,electornic parts, FPD, rubber and resin molde
   steel part ,pharmaceuticals, wood product, Robot System with cpmputer vision
Chemical analysis and physical property inspection robot system
ultrasonic inspection robot system
Heat treatment handling robot system
hot forging handling robot system
press to press transfer robot system
Fine plasma 3-dimensional fabrication
gas cutting robot system
Palletizing and depalletizing robot system
dual arm robot system

■measurement control and inspection system
Inspection system using image processing technology
container inspection and sorting equipment for cosmetics and foods
Visual inspection tool for label sealing
Ultrasonic examination tool, eddy current examination tool
pinhole inspection equipment

■labor saving , rationalization ,automated equipment
 Numerical controllable equipment and servo controllable equipment
 Abrasive machining line for thickness reduction of LCD and organic electroluminescence
TIG welding equipment for hydraulic pipe (vertical and horizontal)
Laser marking equipment (for machine parts metal)
equipment for spraying mold releasing agent
Equipment for piling for cold roll formed steel and cutting
Peripheral device for HIP and CIP
Equipment for seam welding in a vacuum

Next generation robot
customize and systematization of next generation robot
entrusted development of communication
Assisting deviece
entrusted development of communication robot by easy order
   robotize mascot and character of campany
   navigation ,reception and monitoring robot
Service use development of the industrial robot