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■Handling robot system for hot forming, heat treat and melting furnace
Metalart corporationPalletizing robot system for camshaft
Japan drop forge co., Ltd Hot forging robot system
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. End effector for hot forging crankshaft
Sanyo industries, Ltd. Aluminum forging robot system
Daido Steel Co., Ltd Upsetter robot system
ASANO GEAR CO., LTD unloading robot system for heat treat furnace
Metal Forge hot forming robot system

■chemical analysis robot system
JAPAN VAM & POVAL CO., LTDSaponification measuring robot system for PVA
JAPAN VAM & POVAL CO., LTDAutomatic viscosity measuring robot system

■press handling robot system
大原金属工業株式会社Pressing robot system for business machine part
ZENIYA ALIMUNUM ENGINEERING, LTD pressing robot system for automobile
Namba Press works dual arm robot for press handling line
SUGAWA SHATAI CO., LTD dual arm robot for press handling line
Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd. shearing robot system for sheet copper
ミツヨシ金属株式会社 Pressing robot system for part of consumer

■assembly and palletize robot system
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation palletizing robot system for cylinder head
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd palletizing robot system for cylinder head
Hino Motors, Ltd. Indentation robot system for cylinder block plug
Nippon seisen Co., Ltd. Box packing robot system for wire rod
Sharp Corporation hanger robot system for painting line
LOBTEX CO., LTD. polishing robot system for Adjustable wrench
JFE Metal Products & Engineering Inc. Loading robot system for shorter QL deck
TOYO TIRE & RUBBER CO., LTD. palletizing robot system for crude rubber
HOYA CORPORATIONlens edger machining center robot system 
Satsuma Shuzo Co., Ltd. palletizing robot system for 1.8litres bottle case
UNKAI SHUZO CO., LTD. Case palletizing robot system

■Next generation robot
Murata hospital night monitoring robot system for hospital entrance
Murata hospital communication robot system for rehabilitation aiding
NIHON SHOKKEN CO., LTD. Mascot robot for Palace Plant
Osaka city Fukushima-ku mascot robot for Fukushima-ku
Our company platform robot for easy ordering